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When you are true Putin fanatic, you should have this shirt

Only if you are true fan of Putin
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Life in Russia: Video game vs real life

In Videogame Soviet Republic: Workers & Resources you can make electric power line posts middle of the roads ... It is coming out that same occures in real life Russia :)

One slav have stayed his urine sample

If your blood group is alcohol and you urinate alcohol then it is fine :)


Possible only in Russia

At office vs at home office

Life in home office is not easy :)

Optical visual illusions (pictures)

Tree growing from chimney   What animal is on the pic? Which of those cars is the bigges on the pic? In wich direction both arrows are showing?

IF nothing helps then Jack Daniels will help

IF nothing helps then Jack Daniels will help. Use 3X a day to fresh your throat! šŸ˜‚